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Symphony No. Foot in Toe Sharp Minor (Puzza Dei Piedi Con Funghi No. 2)
Caught me a wild foot stomping--
romping—stinkin about the woods
out by yonder field. Tried getting
'neath a tree, but I could see a toe
from out the roots and snatched it
by that toe, held it by the heel and
the sole began a squeal. Aint
never seen no wild foot in them
here parts, rare for an ole foot,
to be stomping bout round these
here parts. You might see em come
on out about the time the morels
start to rise but folk round here
know that a wild foot is a prize
cause it might got morels sproutin
betwixt its toes. And my pappy used
to say, that if you tickle a wild foot it
will show you on to where it hides
its gold, but I gotta say, pap's just tellin
tall tales cause a wild foot is bout the same
as any other wild thing, squeelin, squallin,
fightin, howlin, and runnin bout aside
some savage pack of wild yellow feet!


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