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Great Day today!
Today is just awesome. I was sitting in the lunch room at work eating a tasty sandwich when this absolutely beautiful chick walks by and gives me the sweetest smile! She was a super cute red head who must have been rather new as I have only noticed her there within the last few weeks. Man, every time I had seen her I was hoping for eye contact, and a smile just like the one she was flashing at me at that very moment. And at that moment I was in pure blissful heavenly nirvana! 

Then her friendly and flirtatious smile turns to one of amusement as a great glob of mustard falls from my sandwich, onto my shirt, rolls down and comes to a stop as a quivering yellow mass on my khaki pants.

She just walked off and left me in my mustardly miserable humiliation.

Wait till I tell you about my weekend!


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