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The Watch - A Love Poem

The Watch

Blood are the eldritch skies

Stars dark as lies


It seems ephemeral when I have her
And perpetual when she is away
She flutters from death into life
Like a moth fleeing flame

Every moment of ageless night
I lurk at the shadowed edges of the room
A flake of darkness settling like ash
Woeful in these gulfs of time
I look to her for a memory of life
And watch as she blooms

 I linger impatiently through the years
Longing for her living warmth
An ethereal tendril whispering across silent skin
Anticipating her dying breath
then we will be united once again

Perhaps she glimpsed me once or twice
At the edge of sight
Two witch fire orbs burning
In the dark of night
Awaking in her subconscious mind
An anxious memory that resides
Of stars dark as lies 

Now she folds and wrinkles and shuffles
So old yet
Not near as old as

think I remember spring

I remember

Blooming brightly blazing colors
Stark amidst all this grey
So I watch throughout the tranquil night
And keen throughout the burning day 

When again, my watch is over
And the cycle begins anew
As cold night inevitably gathers
To lay that icy shroud upon her
I will gently gather that trembling soul
And then perhaps...
This long still, shadowed stone
May burn and beat again
Like the butchered skies
At the ever stagnant rigid edge
Of that dark dimension we call home.