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Love and Paperwork (Romance in the Fourth Quarter)

Of all the things that pile up on my desk

I love the stuff that’s yours, the best.

Your handwriting is always neat,

Your tone is ever sweet,

Your paperwork glows in this mess.


Whenever you submit a report to me

I read it and I begin to weep.

My glasses slide down my nose,

I start to sweat through my clothes,

And Mrs. Alston looks at me like I’m a creep.


I turned to her and I start to yell,

"Mind your business and go to hell!"

She turns up her snout,

And then she stomps on out,

I’m left alone with thoughts of sweet Michelle.


Oh Michelle the fourth quarter is here.

Don’t you know it’s my favorite time of year?

When all your work is due,

I get to see the most of you,

Oh please don’t think I’m too weird.


Oh Michelle please don’t think Im too weird.

Is it my patchy scraggle of a beard?

Is my shirt tucked in too tight? My pants pulled up too high?

Or could it be my wandering eye?

Oh Michelle you really you have nothing to fear.


I think I will take you to my van tonight.

But first I have to get you wrapped up tight.

Sure, you might resist,

But please remember this,

When I get you to the basement I’ll make it all right.


Oh Michelle my office belle

Tonight Tonight Tonight

Begins the greatest romance of our lives!

You will see.

You will see!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!

I promise I will make it ALL right.