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Who's all Coming?

Who’s all Coming?
When asked who is all coming

I ran down the list

plus Panthor.


Yes, the big purplish cat

you know,

Skeletor's mount

he will be there.


Panthor is pretty laid back

doesnt even need a litter box

will just lean his fore paws against

the shower wall

and piss down the drain

(runs the faucet to wash it away)


Panthor is pretty laid back

Oh, but if he gets into

some cat nip

watch out!

he goes a bit weird

not a good weird

a very bad weird

let me be frank

Panthor gets a bit horny;

-invades your personal space

-starts sniffing crotches and spraying

- yowling weirdly

(this yowl is the herald of headaches and nausea)

and rubbing against furniture

(all about and everywhere slight shining slivers of purple hair)

and spraying furniture

with big cat funk

(when he gets like this he will violate any orifice)

women, men, animals, the couch!

doesn’t matter

and if her blood is upon her—beware!

he will go right for her

and try to mount her


eat her

(possibly both at the same time)

kinda depends

on if he killed

or fornicated

already that day



be wary of open wounds

stubbed toes dripping from peeled back

nails staining your sock

parted flesh on fingertips

with blood spots on band-aids

he can smell it

even when your upstairs

and he is in the basement


but please try not to worry

no catnip

no problem



Just say, "Panthor be cool!"

and he will slap you some paw.