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Writer's Block: Solo traveler
Do you find it very hard to open up to people? Why or why not? What are the benefits and disadvantages of being emotionally guarded?

It is difficult for me because their soft pink skin is gross and frightening to behold, their weird wet shiny gelatinous eyes creep me out and that orifice that opens up emitting strange babbling noises scares the shit out of me. Sometimes they do this really sickening thing they call eating, where they crush things up with bone hard calcium constructs that grow from the soft dark pinkish flesh within that babbling orifice, they crush things--almost anything--into a mulch and then their throats move weirdly propelling that mulch deep inside of them and then it comes out of a hidden orifice on their back side--WTF!?!!? Don’t even get me started on their reproductive copulation behavior—that’s foul beyond belief! Seriously, people are just gross and creepy! Terrible to behold and onerous to abide. I cannot wait until my research assignment is completed.

Yours Truly
Intelligent Gas From Jupiter