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Writer's Block: Goodness gracious

Ran to Mc’ Ds this morning for a couple cups of coffee, being out at home, and unable to function on an effective level without it, I had to shamble into my car and go! Well, I’m in grey dirty sweats and a crinkled blue Michigan Adventure T-shirt and my car is rattling and buzzing and squealing, and this is magnified and echoed off the walls of the drive through as I pass, to the point that I can hardly hear the cashier as she gives me my change, which then is dropped between the drive through window and my car and I am too close to effectively get out and grab it , though I reach through the crack and manage to snag the 5, leaving with a 1.50ish loss, so be it.


I let it go and move on, not wanting to draw any more attention my ragged and pathetic situation.


So I pull up to the second window to claim my two large coffees, with copious amounts of cream and splenda, when the most beautiful blonde girl comes over with my coffees in hand, and mind you I am not typically one for the all American blonde, having a more exotic taste in women myself but by god, Buddha, whoever, she was…wow! And she was that perfect blend of cute and beautiful, didn't look like she was wearing any makeup, probably nineteen or twenty years old and that smile. Oooh that smile was so sweet and friendly and nice and she is smiling at me like that even though I look a mess, with my hair wild, unshaven, probably a dab of sleep goo in my slitted eyes, my glasses crooked, sweat pants, crinkled shirt and all.

Now this chick is way out of my league but the way she smiles at me is devoid of any of the preconceptions one might have regarding the attitude or disposition of a girl like that. That smile was right there with me, sympathetic to my abysmal state of low being, my rattling machine, and my sour pre-coffee morning demeanor. It was one of the sweetest smiles I had ever seen, and it had a hint in it of that shy--come on sort of look, like she was kind of saying I think your cute too, just a hint, or maybe that's wishful thinking on my part, but maybe not. Really!

She asked me if I needed a drink carrier, in this angelic voice that had all the choirs of heaven behind it, I said no, but I could use a bag for my cream and splenda, and if she doesn't mind, could I get some extra creamer. Of course I don't mind she says to me with a kind, friendly little laugh, I mean, I thought I was in a McDonalds commercial! Well, she was, not me, no way. McDonalds doesn't serve my kind in commercial world. So she got me a bag, came back with that smile, and stuffed the bag with a tremendous amount of cream. Do you know me? It was like something your buddy would do if he was working there and you stopped through. How nice, and I said have a good day, she said thank you and smiled, and I went on my way, almost—just almost not even needing that coffee now.

Now, she was so seemingly perfect I am under some suspicion she was created at a secret McDonalds HQ by mad scientist clowns cackling and guffawing while holding test-tubes and wearing white lab coats, but otherwise all being strange variations on that well known mascot with the red fro. And I would have thought they programmed all that kindness and cuteness into her, creating the perfect liason, your perfect girlfriend, big sister, little sister, daughter, and so on, relatable to all ages and genders and dispositions. Yet when I reflect on that smile, it was just too human, too empathetic, and too damn sweet. 


Sometimes, I just dig people.