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The Legend of Boneyard

Boneyard was a wicked and mean old cat

Full of spite, full of hate, and oh so fat

It wandered amidst the graveyard at night

Hunting for something to claw at and bite!


It would scratch the earth for a morbid treat

A rat or mole or a sweet chunk of meat

A fat spider would be a tasty snack

But a rotting hand was where it's at!


Gnarly black fur that was crawling with creeps

Dirty scythe like claws and razors for teeth

Baleful eyes in the light of the corpse moon

Jade wisps floating in the dark of the tomb


Boneyard that monster, that terror, the fiend!

Gluttonous feasting on things best unseen.

It found rot so delicious and divine

Such a grotesque and villainous feline


Legend has it though it may not be true

That evil old Boneyard killed a man or two

Leapt from a tree onto the poor sot’s back

Tore out the man’s throat with the first attack


When the sun rose there was not much to see

Chewed bloody bones piled beneath an old tree

Twice now, bones have been found heaped under there

Might be dogs—badgers—or even a bear?


There were no growls or howls the night before

Just yowls and mewls outside the grave-keep’s door

He locked it up and made nary a peep

But prayed and cowered and dared not to sleep


A wise man would have quit on the next day

Found another job leagues and leagues away

For the old grave-keep was the next to die

Something got in and chewed out his eyes


I cannot tell how a cat can feast so

Yet this is no common cat—I do know

Might be an evil old thing, spawn of hell

Best to avoid something so foul, so fell


Ill luck when a black cat crosses your way

This is not any old black cat they do say

You’ll not have bad luck should it cross yer path

Nay you will find green eyed fanged evil wrath!